I'm Dave. I play bass.

Check out my interview with No Treble! 

After graduating from UMASS Lowell with a degree in Music Performance with emphasis in Sound Recording Technology, I moved to Brooklyn in 2008. At first I interned at a recording studio in Greenwich Village called The Cutting Room. Since then I have focused more on being a musician, but I also mix and record music at my home studio.

I primarily play bass guitar, but I also play upright bass, synth bass, and guitar. My first instrument was alto saxophone which I played from age 10-18. But when I started playing bass at 15, everything just clicked. 

In 2013, I started a band called Phantom Pop with some amazing musicians to write and perform my music. 

Please contact me if you think my services would be a good fit. I can also recommend some talented musicians if you require other instruments.

Thank you so much!

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